The Aspen Institute works with FedEx on the issue of "Access," or the ability to connect people with places,

markets, businesses, goods, and ideas. In this work they discuss how the topic of ethical globalization is currently

being considered in both business education and practice.


  • A Closer Look at Business Education: Ethical Globalization
  • This is a white paper that shares teaching materials at the intersection of globalization and social impact

    management topics. The paper features an interview with William Margaritis, Corporate Vice President of Global

    Communications and Investor Relations at the FedEx Corporation, who offers insight into how FedEx conceptualizes

    and acts on this important issue.


  • Teaching Module on issues of "Access" available at
  • A complete teaching module was also created. Written by academics and designed to be integrated with existing

    course curricula, the module from the Aspen Institute Center for Business Education examines how access to new

    markets, labor, information, communities, and ideas can support the creation and management of sustainable,

    successful, and ethical global businesses.


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