Foundation for Enterprise Development



The Foundation for Enterprise Development's (FED) main focus is on Employee Ownership. Aspen CBE works with

FED to conceptualize new models of business that are placing an emphasis on stakeholder interest. FED has funded

a CasePlace and Closer Look initiative to significantly increase access to teaching and research materials on employee

ownership for top business educators.


The joint project aims to create high-quality teaching materials on the subject and to make them available to business

faculty, as well as introducing some of FED's existing ideas and materials to an academic audience. The project has

three parts:


  • Employee Ownership: A Topic for the Entrepreneurship Curriculum available at
  • This teaching module offers four areas in the entrepreneurship curriculum where teaching about employee

    ownership adds conceptual value and rich examples for the course.


  •   A Closer Look at Business Education: Employee Ownership
  • This Closer Look scans the current landscape of employee ownership teaching in graduate business programs,

    and shares the perspectives of a leading academic and veteran practitioner on the salient lessons of this business



  •  Curriculum Library of Employee Ownership teaching materials available at
  • FED and Aspen have created CLEO (Curriculum Library of Employee Ownership), the largest online library of

    university teaching materials on employee ownership.


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