Energy Efficiency




Aspen BSP has formed a partnership with United Technology Corporation (UTC) to engage the MBA community

around issues of Energy Efficiency. By Fall 2009, the following new teaching resources will be available:


  • Research and Briefing Paper– Mapping the Landscape
  • Energy efficiency can often be obscured by alternative energy and other issues. Different business sectors,

    individual companies, governments, and NGOs also respond in different ways to address the challenges posed.


  • A Closer Look at Business Education: Energy Efficiency
  • The Aspen CBE Closer Look series focuses exclusively on best practices in MBA education. This edition will include

    results of a scan of 120+ MBA programs for relevant research and teaching. It will also include a brief interview with

    a leading academic and a UTC executive.


  • Teaching Module
  • Using the research mentioned above, Aspen CBE will develop a teaching module specifically about energy efficiency

    issues, that can be inserted into business courses at the MBA, undergraduate, or executive education level.


  • Web Seminar
  • After early research, production of papers and the creation of a teaching module, Aspen CBE will tap into its extensive

    academic network to build an interesting and engaging virtual seminar for business leaders and academics. Aspen CBE

    staff will moderate a discussion that includes leading academics, a relevant UTC executive, and perhaps other business

    or NGO participants. The goal of the web seminar will be to ensure that faculty interest in the issue encourages use of the

    teaching module.


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