Low Wage Workers




Aspen CBE is working with Hitachi on research involving workforce development, looking at the question, "'How

are MBA programs teaching and researching the role of low-wage workers in the US economy?"


Hitachi and Aspen CBE share the belief that employer-based support systems for low wage workers can both

improve company profits and employee livelihoods. Relevant work at the university level can ensure strong

research on best practices and the preparation of future business leaders who are ready to manage these issues.

The project will include the following components:


  • A Closer Look at Business Education: Low-Wage Workers in the United States
  • This white paper gives a comprehensive review of current best practices in MBA education related to low-wage

    workers in the US economy.


  • Teaching Module on Low Wage Work in the Coming Economy available at CasePlace.org
  • This teaching module addresses key issues around low-wage work in the American economy. Its purpose is to

    introduce the theme of low-wage work and discuss competing sides of the issues it raises for managers, as well as

    provide examples of solutions businesses have used to address some of the challenges raised by low-wage work.

    Aspen CBE staff worked with prominent MBA faculty to develop this teaching module. Modules are intended for use

    in MBA classrooms, designed for easy use by faculty.


  • Web conference on Low Wage Work
  • Aspen CBE will host an online convening, moderated by CBE staff and featuring the faculty author of the teaching

    module and a Hitachi Foundation representative, to share their knowledge with a wider influential group of faculty

    who are researching and teaching on low-wage worker issues.



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