Mining and Metals



Aspen CBE and the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) have worked together to promote

MBA-level teaching on social and environmental issues in the mining and metals industry. ICMM is a CEO-led

industry group of mining and metals companies committed to responsible production, and plays a thought

leadership role in promoting best practices.


The project aimed to create high-quality teaching materials on the subject and make them available to business

faculty, as well as introducing some of ICMM's existing ideas and materials to an academic audience. The three

parts are as follows:


  • A Closer Look at Business Education: Mining and Metals
  • This white paper spotlights some of the high quality MBA teaching currently being done on mining and metals,

    offering perspectives of both a leading academic and a senior mining practitioner about issues in the field for

    which students must be prepared. It also features case studies, research reports, articles, and other resources

    for use in teaching on the subject.


  • Mining and Metals: Five Issues with Broad Implications available at
  • This teaching module designed for business faculty frames five issues of major importance

    to the mining and metals industry for use as classroom modules, and suggests background reading materials and

    thought-provoking questions to raise in discussion.


  • Preparing Responsible Managers for the Mining and Metals Industry available at
  • This web conference featuring ICMM President R. Anthony Hodge and University of Denver marketing professor

    Bruce Hutton examines some of the core social and environmental issues facing the mining and metals industry

    today, and spotlights the ways in which one business school is incorporating these issues into its curriculum.



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