Special Research Topics


Below is a list of special topics that the Center for Business Education has researched with its partners.


You can click on the hyperlink of any of the topic areas below to go to a page with further details about each project.




  • The Foundation for Enterprise Development and CBE partnered to create the largest collection of
  • employee ownership teaching materials.

  • UTC partnered with CBE to engage the MBA community around issues of energy efficiency.

  • The Hitachi Foundation has worked with CBE to take a Closer Look at low wage workers.

  • CBE and the Levi Strauss Foundation have partnered to gain a better understanding of how HIV/AIDS is
  • addressed in business
  • education.


  • CBE and ICMM have worked to promote MBA-level teaching on social and environmental issues in the mining
  • and metals industry.

  • The Sam Walton Business School's Applied Sustainability Center at the University of Arkansas worked with
  • Aspen CBE to uncover the wide variety of relevant and quality practices at sustainability centers throughout

  • academia. The resulting research serves as a compendium of information on these centers.



In addition to these broader research projects, Aspen CBE also researches papers on various issues relevant to MBA education.

The entire collection is available on CBE's publications library.


The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education is part of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program.
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