Partners and Sponsors

The Center relies on corporate and foundation partners for thought leadership, examples of best practice, and financial support. Our partners include:

Corporate Partners and Sponsors


Citigroup Foundation

Citigroup Foundation supports the Beyond Grey Pinstripes project of the Center for Business Education. Beyond Grey Pinstripes is a biennial survey and alternative ranking of business schools. The mission of Pinstripes is to spotlight innovative full-time MBA programs that are integrating

issues of social and environmental stewardship into curricula and research.




Deloitte provided funding for our 2008 Student Attitudes report, 'Where

Will They Lead? 2008 MBA Student Attitudes about Business & Society'.



Ernst & Young

Ernst and Young sponsored our 2007 Beyond Grey Pinstripes and 2008 Faculty Pioneer events.

Both celebrations were held in their New York City headquarters.




ExxonMobil provides general support to the Center for Business Education for its work and research around the extractives and energy industry. The Center is working with ExxonMobil and Harvard Business School to author a case study that examines how Exxon has dealt with its social and

environmental challenges. The Center is also planning to produce a Teaching Module around

this case that can be used by MBA faculty in their classrooms.




FedEx provides targeted support for an exploration of how future business leaders are prepared for the social and environmental impacts, and opportunities, inherent in issues of logistics, globalization, and transportation.



Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation has provided generous support for the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program since its inception in January 1998. The Foundation has been instrumental in funding all of BSP's work and in launching the Center for Business Education in the fall of 2007.



Foundation for Enterprise Development

The Foundation for Enterprise Development has funded a Caseplace and Closer Look initiative to significantly increase access to teaching and research materials on employee ownership to top business educators. You can view the Employee Ownership Curriculum Library on CasePlace here.



Hitachi Foundation

The Hitachi Foundation has been supporting the Center for Business Education since 2003. The Foundation has been a key supporter of, the Center's flagship web-based resource for case studies and other MBA teaching materials that focus on social and environmental issues in business.



International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)

ICMM provides targeted support for an exploration of how future business leaders are prepared for the social and environmental impacts, and opportunities, inherent in the global mining and metals industry.


The Competition is designed to be an enjoyable, meaningful exercise to raise awareness of the social and environmental impact of management among MBA students.




Microsoft provides the Center with general programmatic support for a wide range of its programs.




UTC is funding an Aspen CBE project to engage future leaders to support environmental sustainability.




Academic Partners


Laureate Education, Inc.

Aspen CBE is engaged with Laureate to examine how social and environmental issues might best be integrated into the future of online MBA education.



Yale University School of Management

Yale partnered with Aspen CBE to develop the Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum initiative. GVV is an innovative research and curriculum development program that identifies the many ways that individuals can - and do - voice their values in the workplace, and provides opportunities to build the "muscles" - cognitive arguments, communication skills, personal comfort and commitment - necessary to do so.




Network Partners


Aspen CBE maintains close working relationships with the following organizations, including the co-sponsorship of various projects and programs.





Association of African Business Schools



Business for Social Responsibility


Net Impact



Research Network for Business Sustainability



Social Science Research Network



UN Principles for Responsible Management Education








The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education is part of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program.
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