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Executive Director, Aspen Institute Business and Society Program

Judith Samuelson is a leading public policy advocate with a background in business, public-private partnerships, and philanthropy.  Since the mid-1980s, her work has focused on the role and impact of business in society.


In 1998, Judy created the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program (Aspen BSP), which employs research and dialogue among business leaders to build a sustainable global society.  Aspen BSP targets innovators and works with business managers at all levels, from MBA students to Fortune 500 CEOs.  Among its signature programs are Beyond Grey Pinstripes (a global data base and report card on MBA business education), (teaching resources for business educators), and the Corporate Values Strategy Group (a forum for business leaders to promote change in policy and business practice in pursuit of long-term value creation). Judy recently helped spearhead the creation of the Aspen Principles, a set of guidelines for long-term value creation for companies and institutional investors.


Judy's work has been published in the Harvard Business Review, strategy+business and the Journal of Management Learning and Education, among others. The work of Aspen BSP is regularly featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the Financial Times , BizEd, and the Chronicle of Higher Education


From 1989 to 1996, Judy led the Ford Foundation's office of Program Related-Investments and created the Corporate Involvement Initiative, a comprehensive effort to encourage private-nonprofit partnerships and facilitate business opportunities with social benefit.  Prior to joining Ford, Judy managed a sales and lending team at Bankers Trust Company.  From 1974-1980 she worked in Sacramento as a lobbyist and legislative aid on California state health and education issues and in the Governor's office of Planning and Research.


Judy holds a B.A. from UCLA and Masters Degree from the Yale School of Management.  She sits on the Board of ACCION-New York and is Chair Emeritus of Net Impact, a network of business students.

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