2009 Dissertation Proposal Awards


The application period for the 2009 Dissertation Proposal Awards is now closed—thank you for your interest!


The Center for Business Education at the Aspen Institute (Aspen CBE ) is pleased to announce the sponsorship of its 3rd annual award for promising dissertation research.  The purpose of this award is to identify innovative research in core business disciplines that considers the interdependence between business decision-making and a wider societal or environmental context.  The Dissertation Proposal Award winners are formally announced and recognized at an event in New York City and further benefits are given throughout the year.  


Encouraging and supporting business school faculty is central to the success of many of the Aspen Institute's Center for Business Education initiatives.  In hopes of nurturing relationships with the next generation of faculty concerned with issues of environmental, ethical, and social importance, we introduced the Dissertation Proposal Award to encourage and recognize students showing interest in these issues while in their Ph.D. programs.


In addition to the annual Dissertation Proposal Award, Aspen CBE, in partnership with the Foundation for Enterprise Development and the Employee Ownership Foundation, is sponsoring a special Dissertation Proposal Award category this year: the Shared Capitalism through Employee Ownership Award.  Applicants must designate their intention to be considered for this Award on the Dissertation Proposal Award application form.  


All candidates for the Award must complete the online application form.  This online application will request:


"  2-3 page abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

"  1-2 page covering letter discussing your research interests and experience, and career plans

"  1-2 page summary of proposed dissertation research, or dissertation research in progress.  A reference should be made to the relevance of your research to the purpose of this award as outlined above.

"  One letter of recommendation from a professor familiar with your research plans.  



Eligibility :

1. Applicants must be doctoral students of business, or in a business-related discipline, in good standing with their educational institution, which must be a regionally accredited college or university.  Students worldwide are welcome to apply, but all materials must be submitted in English.  Applicants must be enrolled full-time or working on their dissertation research for an equivalent of full-time enrollment.


2. Applicants must have had their dissertation proposals approved by their dissertation committee or supervisor(s) prior to application; applicants must have not yet formally defended their dissertation.


3. Applicants must have no current existing financial relationship with the Aspen Institute.


4. Eligible research should be within core business disciplines, (including, but not limited to:  Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Finance, Information Technology and Systems, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Production and Operations Management, Strategy) and consider the interdependence between business decision-making and the wider societal / environmental context.  [The Aspen Institute uses the phrase “Social Impact Management” when discussing this concept, a brief description of which can be found here.]


Contact: All questions should be directed, via email, to .