2010 Shared Capitalism Award


The application period for the 2010 Shared Capitalism through Employee Ownership Award is now closed. Thank you for your interest!


We have announced the winners for 2010 and you can read more about them in this press release.



The Center for Business Education at the Aspen Institute (Aspen CBE), in partnership with the Foundation for Enterprise Development and the Employee Ownership Foundation, is pleased to announce the second annual award for promising dissertation research at this pivotal point in history when the corporation is being redefined: the Shared Capitalism through Employee Ownership Award


The purpose of this award is to identify innovative research in business or business-related disciplines that is concerned with the impact or effectiveness of shared capitalism and/or broad-based ownership strategies in combination with participative and empowering workplace practices. Most importantly, this research should have the potential to significantly advance understanding on what employee ownership means for employees, firms, management-labor relations, unions, shareholders, productivity, entrepreneurship and innovation, economic development, and/or the health of communities.  The recipient(s) will receive recognition at an awards ceremony hosted by the Aspen Institute to be held in New York City in the fall of 2010, introductions to professionals and/or professors in the winning students’ fields of interest, and a stipend in the amount of $1500.  No budgetary restrictions will be placed on the use of these funds. Awardees are asked to provide a one paragraph update on their dissertation research to the sponsoring organizations at the mid-year and one year point following receipt of the Award. The sponsoring organizations will, at the discretion of the Awardees, arrange mentorship opportunities with scholars working in a similar field of research.


All candidates for the Award must complete the online application form.  This online application will request:


"  2-3 page abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

"  1-2 page covering letter discussing your research interests and experience, and career plans

" 1-2 page summary of proposed dissertation research, or dissertation research in progress.  You should specifically and in detail address the relevance of your research to the purpose of this award as outlined above.

"  One letter of recommendation from a professor familiar with your research plans.  [At the recommender's discretion, this element of the application may be submitted separately from the application email, either via postal mail or . ]


Eligibility :

  1. Applicants must be doctoral students in good standing with their educational institution, which must be a regionally accredited college or university.  Students worldwide are welcome to apply, but all materials must be submitted in English. Applicants must be enrolled full-time or working on their dissertation research for an equivalent of full-time enrollment.
  2. Applicants must have had their dissertation proposals approved by their dissertation committee or supervisor(s) prior to application; applicants must have not yet formally defended their dissertation.
  3. Applicants must have no current existing financial relationship with the Aspen Institute, the Foundation for Enterprise Development, and the Employee Ownership Foundation.
  4. Eligible research may be within the business disciplines, or in any business-related discipline (including, but not limited to, the broader social sciences and related professional disciplines such as public policy and law.)

Key Words:  wealth creation through broad-based equity and profit sharing mechanisms; participative workforces; ESOPs; employee stock ownership; worker owner; worker-owned cooperatives; employee empowerment; examinations of different varieties of shared capitalism in the context of the free enterprise economy; work practices and organizational structures; broad-based employee incentives and executive compensation; innovation-oriented entrepreneurial models that address the broad sharing of rewards; the role of broad equity and profit sharing in emerging technology and high technology industries such as green technology and biotechnology and internet-related industries; broad-based stock options; the role of equity and profit sharing at the societal level in enhancing economic democracy as one variety of capitalism; shared capitalism, employee ownership.


Contact: All questions should be directed, via email, to .  Please refer to the “Shared Capitalism Award” in the subject line of your email.