2009 Faculty Pioneers

Rising Star
Assistant Professor; Director, The National Center of Excellence on Sustainable Materials and Renewable Technologies (SMART) Innovations, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University

An assistant professor in the School of Sustainability, Dr. Golden is committed to creating a new paradigm in higher education by developing curriculum that fosters multidisciplinary approaches to solving pressing sustainability imperatives for business and society. In addition to teaching such innovative courses as climate change adaptation and sustainable urban energy, he currently directs the school's Certificate of Sustainable Technologies and Management program comprised of graduate MBA, engineering and sustainability students. Dr. Golden also founded and co-directs the summer Sustainable Energy Fellowship, a program that annually educates 40 of the nation's most outstanding undergraduate business, engineering and physical science students on pressing energy and climate change challenges faced by business.


Dr. Golden's research focuses on energy-climate system interactions both for infrastructure and consumer products. His theoretical and empirical results have provided a platform for the development of a more holistic approach to quantifying the sustainability of consumer products that accounts for all phases of a product's life cycle. Dr. Golden's research, and that of his Sustainability Consortium of leading researchers from eight universities, aims to develop the best system science and empirical tools for governments and businesses to adopt a unified and transparent sustainability index; this sustainability index is being implemented into supply chain decision-making by Wal-Mart. Dr. Golden has been invited to testify about his research before the U.S. Congress. He was also named an AT&T Industrial Ecology Fellow, has been appointed to a United Nations task force on life cycle management, and serves as an advisor on sustainability strategies for many multi-national corporations.

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