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The Aspen Institute recognizes the important changes that are occurring in healthcare stemming from changes in government healthcare policies. The impact on Business and Society from these sweeping reforms in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa is reshaping industry and local, national, and global communities. As such we have begun exploring the possibility of launching an academic and practitioner network on the business of health, specifically focusing on new public-private partnerships between government and industry.


The Business of Health Network will bring together an internationally recognized team of leaders from the healthcare industry, government, and academia, for the purpose of addressing the critically important new role that governments are playing in reshaping the healthcare industry and society through public-private partnerships.


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Background: The world of healthcare is changing rapidly as mounting economic pressures collide with global demographic advances and increasing needs for access to medicines and healthcare services, the emergence of virulent diseases such as HIV/AIDS, SARS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, H1N1 and H5N1 viruses, and an expanding global travel network that has shown the world how quickly a local disease in a developing country can transform into an international public health threat.  


In this environment governments around the world are beginning a long term process that reviews, redesigns, and restructures its social, economic, and healthcare infrastructure systems.  


As part of this new dynamic, public-private partnerships are emerging as increasingly important contractual vehicles for change. The role of these partnerships in healthcare is to design win-win scenarios to appropriately motivate pharmaceutical companies and other global corporate leaders to bring their expertise in product development, manufacturing, marketing, supply chain management, and distribution to global healthcare infrastructure systems, all of which is unfortunately inadequate in the public sector.  


The Aspen Institute recognizes these important changes and plans to support research to better understand this critical new global dynamic.



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