Faculty Networks

In a nutshell, the goal of Aspen CBE is to leverage the tremendous power of business education to make the world a better place. Many Aspen CBE programs work at a distance school rankings, online case libraries, or faculty awards, for example. However, we find that some of our most important work comes from bringing small groups of people together, in person, to make transformative innovations in teaching and research. We call these transformative groups Faculty Networks. We believe faculty networks can:


  • find new ways to integrate social and environmental issues into core teaching and research
  • develop new teaching materials and methodologies
  • act as a catalyst for communities and networks of faculty that will provide ongoing support after the formal program ends
  • encourage more doctoral students and junior faculty to focus their research on social and environmental themes
  • encourage research that is responsive to current felt needs among business practitioners


Active Faculty Networks:


Past Faculty Networks:


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