Teaching Innovation Program

S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (India)

Enhancing Business Effectiveness - The Next Level

Team Members:
Kapil Marwaha
Nirja Mattoo
M.S. Rao
Description of Project
Our pilot project seeks to analyze and strengthen our ongoing efforts to build leadership competencies in exemplary 'social impact management' practices among MBA students and corporate managers. This will enhance the effectiveness of both content and delivery of all our efforts in 'social impact management'.
Objectives of Project
  • Integrating 'social impact management'
    1. Across the MBA curriculum extending beyond the existing three-credit course on Development of Corporate Citizenship; and
    2. With corporate business goals in a manner that strengthens the long-term value of the firm.
  • Reinforcing a knowledge-sharing environment across B-Schools in India and abroad through active participation.
Process of Achieving these Objectives
  • Honing current methodologies for
    1. Selecting students with social sensibility to the MBA program; and
    2. Providing to the students the required knowledge, skills and attitude for ‘social impact management’ across the MBA curriculum.
  • Collaborating with corporate leaders for promoting the linkage between business and social/environmental objectives through workshops, research and consulting pilot projects;
  • Networking with other institutes for knowledge building, knowledge sharing and peer review through seminars and conferences; and
  • Measuring the impact of these initiatives on
    1. Degree of social responsibility of students at graduation time and at the end of a decade of working life;
    2. Managers from collaborating corporations; and
    3. Knowledge building and sharing among network members.
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