Teaching Innovation Program

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University (Canada)

Team Members:
Alfred Jaeger
Steve Maguire
Our TIP Team Project goal is to strengthen and improve our MBA core curriculum to ensure that all McGill MBA students appreciate the importance of, and are adequately trained to manage, the social and environmental impacts of business. The specific project objectives include:
  • To develop content and tools needed for teaching and learning socially and environmentally responsible management.
  • To develop effective strategies and tools for teaching and learning global social impact management.
  • To coalesce, coordinate and catalyze what to date has been a fragmented effort in our Faculty into a coordinated endeavor to improve management education.
The most promising leverage point to affect the content of the required MBA curriculum is to build on our current Faculty's effort to redesign the MBA core curriculum. Our TIP Team Project would complement the larger MBA core curriculum redesign, giving us a chance to benchmark other schools and to expose our program designers to additional thought leaders in these subjects.

The proposed TIP project will map out the various social impact concepts and skills that must be included in the MBA required curriculum. Rather than design new courses, our project will focus on designing content modules and developing tools that can be woven through the core.

Aspects of our work that we wish to apply to our mainstream programs are: the Mindsets Framework and the Action Learning from our International Masters Program in Practicing Management and the McGill-McConnell: Masters of Management for National Voluntary Sector Leaders; exchanges between our masters programs located in different settings; our strong focus on entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility through the Dobson Centre; and the cross-sectoral sharing first initiated by the McGill-Dupont Initiative on Social Innovation.

The Faculty team plans to hold collective design workshops at McGill to design the concept and tool modules and to hear from invited thought leaders. These workshops would include McGill faculty, students, and faculty with expertise from other business schools including members of the Aspen TIP consortium.

Visible Project Outcomes
  • Foster innovation in teaching and collaborative cross-sectoral work among faculty.
  • Produce and introduce a module of social impact management concepts and competencies that will be woven into the MBA core curriculum.
  • Develop a clearer definition and a broader understanding among the faculty of the relevant global social impact concepts and skills that can be integrated into the MBA core curriculum.
  • Build students' conceptual understanding and analytical power to respond effectively to complex social and environmental concerns facing business organizations
  • Foster Faculty appreciation of the importance of social impact management, as well as its contribution to improving management education overall.
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