Teaching Innovation Program

Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan (United States)

Team Members:
Tom Gladwin
Jim Walsh
The Michigan Business School currently has a wide variety of initiatives, programs, centers, and institutes focused on corporate social and environmental impact
management, a number of them joint with other Schools within the University (e.g., The Corporate Environmental Management Program of the Erb Institute). The Business School currently offers over a dozen (mainly elective) courses at the MBA level focused on CSR, business ethics and governance, and environmentally sustainable business. At least a dozen faculty members, based in a variety of departments, dedicate a majority of their teaching, research and outreach activity to this topical field. New courses, student clubs, lecture series, pre-term activities, and endowed professorships in the area are proliferating. Large-scale funding proposals are under negotiation with donors, in conjunction with the School's capital campaign, to exponentially expand efforts in this area.

Most of these efforts, however, have been focused on the MBA level, with considerably less attention to the BBA, Ph.D. and executive education levels. And most of the activity has arisen organically, without much overall strategic or process integration or coordination. The mission of the University of Michigan TIP Pilot Program is:
  1. To extend the teaching of "content and leadership competencies consistent with a sustainable global society" to all educational levels of the Business School (especially BBA and executive programs), and
  2. To catalyze integration of the large portfolio of existing and prospective teaching, research and outreach activities in search of significant synergies, scale and scope economies, unified reputation building, and stimulation of truly pioneering development, dissemination and application of high-impact intellectual capital in the topic area.
Jim Walsh will lead the effort to weave "business and society" into the undergraduate curriculum, designing a new course with an international field component. Tom Gladwin will lead the effort to build sustainable business as a "center of excellence" into the School's executive education offerings, building on early efforts in this regard with Alcan and Ford Motor in collaboration with the Prince of Wales's Business & the Environment Programme based at The University of Cambridge. Both Jim and Tom, working with the School's deans, will design and implement the delicate process of integrating the School's myriad activities in the field on behalf of collective coherence, synergy, reputation and excellence.

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