Vol. IV No. 4  June 2011

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Sustainable Agriculture   


In response to the growing global interest in sustainable agriculture, we invite you to explore the latest teaching materials on Sustainable Agriculture at CasePlace.org.


Asian Agri and the Future of Palm Oil      


Wal-Mart Puerto Rico: Promoting Development Through a Public-Private Partnership  


Starbucks C.A.F.E Practices Program: Ensuring a Socially Responsible Supply Chain  


A Note on Integrated Pest Management in Pakistan: An Environment Friendly Approach  


Click here to find additional teaching cases and articles on Sustainable Agriculture.   


Beyond Grey Pinstripes Highlight:  

21st Century Agriculture  


In this month's edition of the BGP Highlight, we explore the presence of agriculture content in global MBA curricula today. Read our highlight to learn how Iowa State University, Cornell University, and University of California, Davis, are breaking ground in sustainable agriculture and agribusiness offerings.  

Visit www.BeyondGreyPinstripes.org for more information on MBA programs which integrate social and environmental stewardship into their curricula and research.

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National Entrepreneurship Network of India announces new course offering for business faculty

"Practical Ethics: Succeeding in a Transparent World" is built on the foundation of 'Giving Voice to Values' (www.GivingVoiceToValues.org).

Download details here.
New This Week at CasePlace.org  

Check out these and other new materials at our "New @ CasePlace" page, updated weekly on CasePlace.org.
  • Fortis Inc. and the Chalillo Dam
  • Innovating at the World's Crossroads: How Multicultural Networks Promote Creativity
  • LumiSmart (A, B): Answering the Call for Negawatts
  • Subaru of Indiana, America's Scrappiest Carmaker
  • ActionAid International: Globalizing Governance, Localizing Accountability

On Our Radar


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2011 First Mover Intrapreneurs Announced  


The Aspen Institute 2011 First Mover Fellows are here! These exceptional, mid-career professionals are working within companies to unite business growth with a sustainable society in the products and services they are developing. The Fellows chosen this year from Google, FedEx, and GE Energy, among others, come from a wide variety of industries and a number of countries

Going Long 


This week in the Huffington Post, the Aspen Institute's Judy Samuelson writes: "If you have a long enough time horizon, a singular focus on profit is sufficient to guide wise choice."


Read her critique of the article that has the CSR world all abuzz at the Huffington Post

See what Professors O'Toole and Vogel have to say on Conscious Capitalism      

This spring, don't miss "Two and a Half Cheers for Conscious Capitalism" in the California Management Review, authored by James O'Toole and David Vogel. Read the piece on the journal's site with a subscription.  

Why do prospective MBAs need the Aspen Institute?     

"These days, many young business school candidates want to make a good living and stay true to their ethics, environmental concerns, and social causes. So they turn to the Institute to find the right school."   


Click here to read the full article in The Aspen Idea on the importance of our Center for Business Education work to prospective MBAs.   


For another look at the prospective MBA experience in identifying sustainability within business programs, listen in to MBA Podcaster's recent piece on Green MBAs:


Career Opportunities for Green MBAs: Generating Green $$ from the Green Movement. 

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