Vol. I No. 7  MAY, 2008
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A Closer Look at Business Education: MBA Student Attitudes

In April, 2008 the Aspen Institute Center for Business Education, a program of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program (Aspen BSP), released our new research study, Where Will They Lead? 2008 MBA Student Attitudes about the Role of Business and Society.

This Closer Look goes behind key messages and highlights some findings from the data that we
think will be of special interest to business schools. In particular, it compares students' responses at three points in their MBA programs: "just started," "halfway through," and "will graduate soon."
  CBE Podcast with Chris Laszlo, Managing Partner of Sustainable Value Partners

Aspen CBE interviews Chris Laszlo, a leader in the sustaianbility world, on a variety of topics.  We've divided it into 3 segements for your listening