Vol. III No. 5  May 2010
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Case Western Weatherhead School Team Wins Aspen Case Competition

On April 30, 2010, Aspen CBE held the final round of our 2010 Business & Society International MBA Case Competition at the

W New York Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. 
To an enthusiastic audience of businesspeople, faculty and other supporters, the five finalist teams gave engaging and dynamic presentations--developed in response to a newly-commissioned custom case by Professor Oana Branzei for Ivey Publishing--that laid out a strategic sustainability plan for The Tata Group, an India-based, multinational conglomerate.


Click here to read more, and to see pictures from the event. 
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Proceedings from Employee Ownership Symposium Now Available

Last July, Aspen participated in the inaugural Beyster Fellowship Symposium, sponsored by The Foundation for Enterprise Development.  The Symposium served as an opportunity for researchers from numerous institutions to present and discuss inter-disciplinary studies addressing broad-based employee ownership.  The proceedings for the symposium, titled Shared Capitalism and Employee Ownership: The Scholarly Agenda, are now available on the Foundation's Web site and we encourage you to take a look--it's a good source of background on the history and current research trends on employee ownership as a field of study.

The Aspen Institute's Center for Business Education encourages future business leaders to innovate at the intersection of corporate profits and social impacts.  Our goal is bold and long-term: to radically re-orient the MBA degree to embrace the principles of corporate citizenship and sustainability.

Aspen Announces 2010 Class of First Mover Fellows 

The Aspen Institute Business and Society program has announced our 2010 class of First Mover Fellows, individuals who are working within companies to unite business growth with a sustainable society in the products and services they are developing.


The 16 Fellows chosen this year come from a wide variety of industries and a number of countries, yet their goals are remarkably similar: to develop products or programs that benefit their businesses and the community at large. Click here to see the list of Fellows, and read more about the program.

CasePlace.org Partner Page Announcements
Moore School Announces 2009 Page Prize Winners

The Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina is proud to announce the winners of the 2009 D. Alfred N. and Lynn Manos Page Prize for Sustainability Issues in Business Curricula. Now in its second year, the competition is designed to encourage and support efforts to introduce or upgrade sustainability courses and/or associated coursework into the curriculum of business schools around the world.  Visit the Moore School's partner page for more information and to see this year's winners.

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CENTRUM Catolica Business School of The Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School now have pages at CasePlace.org.  Please have a look at these schools' great resources!
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