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Vol. 1 No. 2  DECEMBER, 2007
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A biennial survey and alternative ranking of business schools that aims to spotlight innovative full-time MBA programs that are integrating issues of social and environmental stewardship into curricula and research. Download a copy of the recently released 2007-2008 report (pdf) to see the Top 100 ranked schools.

Counting Beans is Not as Simple as 1-2-3: Illuminating Goals, Consequences, and Tradeoffs of Teaching MBA Level Accounting as a Measurement System

By Dr. Jane Cote, Washington State University, Vancouver

MBA students are expected to be future business leaders, not accountants.  Using this assumption to design an accounting course results in less emphasis on computation and more emphasis on the consequences that choices made in the process of accounting measurement have on strategic direction, stakeholder commitments and performance expectations. Students can then understand that accounting is a measurement system that lays the foundation for enlightened decision making...
The Teaching Innovation Program
Closer Looks at Business Education: The TIP Series

Aspen CBE's TIP convenings produced exemplary collaborations and ideas among global business schools; these articles are intended to celebrate the eleven institutions that participated in this program, as well as share insights from their experiences.

A Closer Look at...

- Action Learning

- The Role of the Business School

- Cross Sector Relationships

- TIP: Lessons Learned

The Aspen Institute's Center for Business Education encourages future business leaders to innovate at the intersection of corporate profits and social impacts. Our goal is bold and long-term: to radically re-orient the MBA degree to embrace the principles of social impact management and sustainability.
Are YOUR materials up on and the SEIN Network at SSRN? CasePlace is the Center for Business Education's highly trafficked on-line resource for case studies, syllabi and innovative teaching materials on business and sustainability, while SEIN is home for all working papers that relate to social and environmental issues in business. If you have any papers or cases you'd like to submit to, please send them to . Visit CBE's SEIN page to learn more about the network and how to download and submit your own white papers.
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Teaching Modules from the Sloan Corporate Governance and Accountability Project

Teaching Modules, some accompanied by faculty Teaching Notes, are collections of cases and readings organized around specific and unique topics, designed for use by MBA faculty as a day to week long curriculum module. +1000 Cases Available adds dozens of new cases that focus on social and environmental issues every month. Check out our most popular cases. Be sure to use the "narrow your search" function on the left to refine your search by discipline, topic, and more, and find just what you looking for.
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