Teaching Innovation Program: India

  India's time is now. India 's vibrant markets and   intellectual capacity are paving the way for   unprecedented economic opportunity. But this   opportunity is fragile without a strong pool of   managerial talent India will struggle to maintain its   growth and to strengthen the social and   environmental conditions that are critical to a   robust business environment over the long term.

The next generation of business managers will be the linchpin to success. Businesses report that too many of today's graduates are not prepared to consider how decisions they make on the job will affect India 's environment or its local communities. The Teaching Innovation Program India (TIP) was created to tackle this challenge.

In 2007 TIP, jointly developed with the Confederation of Indian Industry, kicked off with India 's top business schools and leading businesses including Goldman Sachs, Infosys, Hindustan Unilever, and Mahindra. The program is designed to:


  • Develop new teaching materials that meet the standards of the top MBA programs and businesses in India
  • Share TIP materials and expand the capacity of faculty and corporate trainers to teach sustainability
  • Create a public dialogue with parliamentarians, academics, and business executives about how education can be improved to ensure responsible economic growth


Our approach is unique. All materials developed through TIP are designed to artfully weave sustainability and community issues into mainstream courses such as finance, marketing, and operations courses. The benefits of this approach will be that:


  • Students encounter these issues in ways that mimic what happens in the real world
  • All students of management are exposed to these issues
  • Solutions discussed are viewed as part of a company's business model, not its philanthropy

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